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leave your task......now play, play, play!

are you bored? well, i know that you'll open your laptop or turn on the pc or maybe your smartphone and connect it to the internet while the boredom comes to you. what are you going to surf then? just logging in to facebook and twitter, updating statuses, chatting and checking emails? hey, it's internet guys! you can get anything here. we can play game here. esp online games.

really? but i heard that the games are requiring the player to pay for the charge?

yep. some of them. such like dota, seal, ragnarok? even Indonesia, our beloved country, makes our own online games like that. one of ours is ayodance. whops, i'm kinda out of topic. but what i want to inform you here is the free online games. uh-uh, it's free. and i'll tell you some of phenomenal free online games.

1. The Impossible Quiz - http://www.notdoppler.com/theimpossiblequiz.php

i can't tell you how to play the game here. but yeah, just like the name, it's impossible.

2. The Idiot Test - http://www.notdoppler.com/theidiottest.php

are you an idiot? take this test! lol.

3. Notpron, The Hardest Riddle - http://www.deathball.net/notpron/
it's not as fun as the quizzes above. this is a riddle. don't know that the riddle is? ask the google almighty. and i admit, this riddle is the hardest of the hardest riddle in the world. try it, guys!

those are some of the phenomenal free online games in the internet. and these are from Indonesia :

1. Parampaa - http://parampaa.net
2. MatiBeku - http://matibeku.com/
3. NyonNyonNyon - http://nyonnyonnyon.com/

okay, that's it. try it, readers! C:


pa-da-da-da! *singing*

udah seminggu ye. tapi gue masih gatau mesti ngepost apa. i'm still confused how to make a slideshow, while other has made theirs. fml. and i bet this is gonna be a quick post.

oh iya gue bikin cover.

'apaan tuh cover?'

lo hidup dimana sih jek? di gua? canda. itu loh, cover itu lagu orang yang dinyanyiin lagi sama orang lain. biasanya yang cover itu orang-orang biasa, tapi ada juga kok beberapa penyanyi/vokalis yang bikin cover lagu orang lain.

k, now sit down, get your earphones, put it on your eyes ear, and watch this carefully....

kayaknya banyak respon deh nih *pede jaya*. bikin FQA dulu kalo gitu :
Q: kok fals, mod?
A: emang dasarnya gue kagak bisa nyanyi yeee e e e

Q: belajar gitar darimana? berapa lama?
A: pertama sama abang, trus otodidak. dari sd, lupa jek kelas berapa.

Q: suka sama paramore?

Q: kenapa pilih gitar? kenapa nggak piano atau gendang?
A: soalnya gitar itu seksi. engga deng. kagak bisa piano.

Q: kok pas terakhir-terakhirnya curhat sih?
A: ehe he he he he he he capek coy

Q: kok muka lo gitu? jelek banget?
A: .......................syukuri apa adanya, hidup adalah anugerah *nyanyi*

yo yo yo! ada pertanyaan lagi? leave comment aje ye.

anw, have any youtube account? come and be friends with me! :3


back to the world

wahoo blog! how was it going there? i've been leaving you for one and a half year, long enough, eh? i even forgot what's my blog's URL while my ICT teacher asked us to make a blog (it's kinda out of date, i admit). once i read the latest post, i read more and more older posts which make me a bit amused with those old-silly stories. and it's like seeing myself in a different point of view. my grumbles of my junior high teachers, unnecessary talks, old jokes, responses of the breaking news....well perhaps they miss me (i can't concede i miss them damn much).

doing school activities most likely to be the answer if you asked me why did I leave you. and another reason for this question is something i love but you should hate. it really distracts everyone (every blogger, precisely) from you. though they still love blog and keep writing, but slowly most of them leave their blogs and update all they have to write in their blogs into it. it's twitter, exactly.

i gotta go, anyway. it's midnight here and the dreamland train's waiting me. see ya!

PS : i've edited some parts of my blog (new layout, yeaa!). but my blogrolling's not working, so i had to remove it from my page and make a new one. prolly i won't put my old-blogger-friends into it (it's too much to fix). i really am sorry.