leave your task......now play, play, play!

are you bored? well, i know that you'll open your laptop or turn on the pc or maybe your smartphone and connect it to the internet while the boredom comes to you. what are you going to surf then? just logging in to facebook and twitter, updating statuses, chatting and checking emails? hey, it's internet guys! you can get anything here. we can play game here. esp online games.

really? but i heard that the games are requiring the player to pay for the charge?

yep. some of them. such like dota, seal, ragnarok? even Indonesia, our beloved country, makes our own online games like that. one of ours is ayodance. whops, i'm kinda out of topic. but what i want to inform you here is the free online games. uh-uh, it's free. and i'll tell you some of phenomenal free online games.

1. The Impossible Quiz - http://www.notdoppler.com/theimpossiblequiz.php

i can't tell you how to play the game here. but yeah, just like the name, it's impossible.

2. The Idiot Test - http://www.notdoppler.com/theidiottest.php

are you an idiot? take this test! lol.

3. Notpron, The Hardest Riddle - http://www.deathball.net/notpron/
it's not as fun as the quizzes above. this is a riddle. don't know that the riddle is? ask the google almighty. and i admit, this riddle is the hardest of the hardest riddle in the world. try it, guys!

those are some of the phenomenal free online games in the internet. and these are from Indonesia :

1. Parampaa - http://parampaa.net
2. MatiBeku - http://matibeku.com/
3. NyonNyonNyon - http://nyonnyonnyon.com/

okay, that's it. try it, readers! C:

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